Please see our excursion information on our calendar.

Excursion Waiver

New for 2021-2022 school year, We will begin requiring waivers to be signed for all families attending PTSA outings, clubs, and excursions. The waiver can be found here and includes a Covid-19 waiver. Please print, sign and email it back to enrichment@nfpptsa.org. The waiver is for all outings in 2021-2022, you only need to sign it once. THE PTSA WILL REQUIRE ANY FAMILY WHO ATTENDS ANY OUTING TO HAVE THIS WAIVER SIGNED PRIOR TO THE OUTING.

Link to waiver for signature

Email waiver to enrichment@nfpptsa.org

Excursion Scholarship Tickets

You may notice the option to purchase a “scholarship ticket” when you purchase your excursion tickets through MemberPlanet. This is an opportunity to donate tickets to families who might not be able to attend otherwise. If the tickets are not requested, the money will be saved for scholarship tickets to other events. If the money is not used by the end of the school year, depending on the wishes of the membership it will be either used to subsidize ticket costs for the final outing of the year, or it will go into the general PTSA donations.

For families who would like to request scholarship tickets, you can do so by contacting Gary Keeler. He will arrange for it anonymously.

Covid-19 Precautions

The PTSA will follow all city and venue safety requirements. At Friday morning park play-dates, we ask that masks be worn when not able to maintain distance.