Every year, the NFP PTSA organizes various excursions for our families to participate in. Past excursions have included trips to the pumpkin patch, museum visits, indoor skydiving, and even a camping trip to study volcanoes! Unlike traditional school field trips, our excursions are NOT drop-off activities. Parents or guardians are required to attend with their child(ren). Any fees required for the excursion are paid for by the attendees, though we do our best to find free activities or those that offer bulk discounts. For details about upcoming excursions, see our bi-weekly newsletters and sign up for email communications when you purchase your membership. Updates are also shared to Facebook via BCC Families, Northshore Family Partnership Parents, and Northshore Family Partnership PTSA

2022 - 2023 

As our school has grown, we've transitioned away from a designated group or individual trying to orchestrate and attend all excursions. In the spirit of flexibility, we’re throwing it open to our families.

We have a diverse student body, with different ages, interests, schedules, and budgets. To create an excursion program where everyone can find something that works for them, we’re asking parents to sign up to lead excursions that they’d like to see. Park play date? Great! Trip to a museum? Boat excursion? Day trip? Hiking in the woods? Skiing? Ft. Nisqually? MoPop educational workshop? All outings are welcome*.

This Google Doc lists the Wednesdays and Fridays of the 2022-2023 school year. If you have a field trip idea, please sign up for a week that works for you. The PTSA can assist in facilitating, financing, and advertising these outings. You will be the point of contact for your excursion. Hopefully this will result in something for everyone; if you don’t see what you want, sign up and schedule it!

*NFP PTSA reserves the right to decline sponsorship of excursions for reasons such as, but not limited to, activities that are not covered by liability insurance , activities deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the population we represent, or events that do not align with the NFP PTSA mission. 

Excursion Waiver 

To participate in any PTSA sponsored excursion, every family must complete a liability waiver prior to the outing. The waiver can be printed, signed, and emailed to enrichment@nfpptsa.org.

Excursion Scholarship Tickets

The PTSA offers scholarship tickets for all of our excursions on an as-needed basis. To request, please email enrichment@nfpptsa.org

Covid-19 Precautions

The PTSA will follow all city and venue safety requirements.