Curriculum Fair

"I Can" Checklists

While it is not required to fill out these checklists, you may find these useful in completing and bringing to your final WSLP meeting. Checklists are available in this google folder.

District-Provided Online Curricula

All these sites require log-in and password that is to be used only by parents of currently enrolled NFP students when educating their student. To receive credentials, please email and include the name(s) and grade(s) of your students.

  • Math Expressions (Grades K-5)

  • TCI Science (Grades K-5)

  • Benchmark Literacy (Grades K-5)

Here are lists of NSD Board approved curricula by grade.

Websites to Explore

Here are some resources that you may wish to explore as part of your homeschooling journey.

Typing Resources

It’s amazing how much less arduous writing becomes when students learn to type. They can plan, draft, revise, and edit, all in the same document. It is also a great way for you to help them as writers, because, if you have them work in Google Docs, you can access their writing and work with them.

I noticed a lot of hunting and pecking when kids were taking the SBAC. Here are a couple of typing programs you might consider using at home.

Typing Club

Dance Mat Typing

Nitro Type