Our Mission

  • Promoting activities that enhance the joy and well-being of students and staff in a way that complements and enriches our excellent learning environment;

  • Advocating on behalf of students, staff, families and the school;

  • Building community within the school, and enriching the relationship between the school, families, and the wider community; and

  • Encouraging the community's investment of time, energy and financial support into the Alternative Learning Experiences (ALE) of the Northshore School District.

These statements drive the PTSA’s decision making in the various functions that the PTSA serves at the Bear Creek Campus.


PTSA Current Standing Rules

Nov 2022 Update: The membership of the NFP PTSA voted and unanimously approved a change in our standing rules. With this change, the PTSA now supports Northshore Family Partnership AND the other programs based at Bear Creek Campus - Northshore Networks and Northshore Online Academy.

Board of Directors
President: Richard Silcox: president@nfpptsa.org

Vice President: Niki Gerardi: fundraising@nfpptsa.org

Vice President: Maggie Onewein: vp@nfpptsa.org

Secretary: Stacy Tucker: secretary@nfpptsa.org

Treasurer: Rebeca Hennie: treasurer@nfpptsa.org

Membership Chair: Alynda Silcox: membership@nfpptsa.org

Enrichment Chair: Stacy Monahan Tucker: enrichment@nfpptsa.org

Communications Chair: Karen Troughton: communications@nfpptsa.org

Special Education Chair: Anna Jensen: SpEd@nfpptsa.org

Volunteer Coordinator: Mike Goldstein: volunteers@nfpptsa.org

Classroom Grants/NSF Ambassador for BCC: Zosia Burden: grants@nfpptsa.org

Staff Appreciation Chair: Courtney Ruhl: appreciation@nfpptsa.org

A little bit about us. . .

President: Richard Silcox

Greetings PTSA. This is my first year serving as president of PTSA. While my family has been involved since the inception of the program, I have decided to step up and be more personally involved. I have found the present board to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable in PTSA issues. My goal as President is to provide the best possible experience for all students and families involved at Bear Creek.

My daughters, Lysa (6th grade) and Lolo (4th grade) have loved being a part of this program from the beginning. My wife, Alynda, loves to volunteer at the school and is currently serving as the Membership Chair.

In my secret identity, I am a Probation Officer for Bothell Municipal Court. I have been a Misdemeanant probation officer in Snohomish County for about 17 years and love working in the community where I live.

Vice President: Niki Gerardi

Hi! I’m Niki. I’m one of the co- Vice Presidents this year. Volunteering with PTSA has become a hobby and passion of mine since we started kindergarten in 2021. Prior to NFP, my 7 year old son struggled with anxiety and panic attacks at preschool and pre-k. We learned about the program through a community Facebook group and decided to give it a try. I truly believe it was one of those seemingly small decisions that changed the trajectory of our lives. My son thrives in the alternative learning environment! The amazing staff have made NFP a safe place for him and he is excited to go every single day. This year we are co-enrolled in 1st Grade Northshore Networks and NFP enrichment classes.

When I’m not volunteering, homeschooling, or just general mom-ing to Luke (7) and Emilia (3.5), I am also an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My hobbies include adult gymnastics and attending charity events in Star Wars costumes with the 501st Legion.

Vice President: Maggie Onewein

I am Maggie Onewein and my first grader, Finley, attends NN and NFP. I wanted an alternative education for my kids where they can have some choice in their learning and flexibility in their schedule with the time to be able to follow their passions. Starting our second year here, we love the program and the teachers and it aligns with our educational goals as a family. I’m happy to be on the board and share the VP position. My goal is to connect with our community through listening, encouraging people to join the PTSA and helping to make this program the best it can be. I also have a preschooler at home, I’m a Real Estate Agent and spend my free time working out in my garage gym.

Secretary & Excursion Chair: Stacy Monahan Tucker

I'm Stacy Monahan Tucker, parent of 7th grade Max and 5th grade Evie. Max has been at NFP since it opened in 2018 and Evie joined the following year. We live in Woodinville and feel so lucky to have NFP! It has been an amazing fit for our 2e kids, and we are grateful for it every day. I feel lucky to have a program that provides amazing multi-age, project based classes and the flexibility to shape my children's education individually. We are branching out into Northshore Network classes this year as well and so hopefully will love that just as much! When not wrangling tweens, I am also a law firm partner, chicken farmer and servant to two cats.

Treasurer: Rebeca Hennie

I am the parent of a 9 yr old boy. We joined NFP during the pandemic as we had withdrawn from public school as traditional classes were not working for my son. He thrived during the pandemic! We joined NFP to get community support and to have support from teachers. We found NFP to be a wonderful fit! Having a certified teacher has been awesome - someone who cares about the whole child. I love that NFP allows kids to be themselves at ANY level - and that kids can be in classes with multiple age groups. NFP allows you to be an individual - you might be great in 1 subject but lacking in something else - home learning lets you go at the kids pace and not a predetermined pace.

Besides home teaching my son - I also run an international shipping business. I look forward to being able to share my business contacts as learning opportunities for other children. I am trying to put together several events this year. I also just built a vacation house in big island Hawaii from the lava up. My household includes 2 bunnies, an adult cat and a kitten being leash trained, and my senior parents. We are a multicultural family with my mother from Spain, and my husband from Jamaica.

Membership: Alynda Silcox

I am a homeschool mom to our two daughters, a 6th grader and 4th grader. We chose to join NFP when it started when my oldest was in 2nd grade. We found with homeschooling strictly we were missing some on going socialization as our meetups were sporadic rather than one family. We opted away from general ed, though both girls attended Kindergarten at the neighborhood school, as we felt they were just floating along in class, they enjoyed it well enough though not being challenged and were exhausted so not a lot of options to do things as family after school. We love the flexibility the program provides both with curriculum choice as well as travel/adventure options. Our girls come home from classes brimming with excitement to share what they learned and often continue what they were working on in their free time at home. When I am not supporting the school and my girls on their education journey, I enjoy outdoor activities, crafting, and I love trying new recipes from a variety of cultures/countries.

Classroom Grants Chair and NSF Ambassador for BCC: Zosia Whittaker

If being a mama was a hobby - that would be mine! I have three amazing kiddoes - Jacob (10 years) Lily, (7 years) and Daniel (4 years). This is my 2 year being part of the NFP PTSA board of directors. It is a true honor to represent this diverse community. I strive to support not only my children’s academic education, but also the community in which they learn and grow. My family values inclusion, adventure, and creativity…. I also love llamas and have been known to say to my children “Go play outside…. Don’t come back until you’re COVERED in mud.”

Volunteer Coordinator: Mike Goldstein

We joined NFP in the summer of 2022, just before registration. We’re so happy to have found this program that makes room for all the various ways that children show up in this world. It’s a special place, and I’m glad my daughter gets to be part of it.

My partner and I were both born and raised here on the Eastside. We run a small business in the event industry. We love to travel, and in fact that was an important part of joining NFP - that we have the flexibility to leave and explore the world. I love coaching kids when I get the chance. I love listening to music and playing basketball, too.